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For the next following Kyprogeneia [Aphrodite] and Dionysos drew the lot.

Here men great the greatest good from drinking wine. Stay furious contests, and avenging strife, whose works with woe embitter human life; to lovely Kypris [Aphrodite] and to Lyaios [Dionysos] yield, for arms exchange the labours of the field; encourage peace, to gentle works inclined, and give abundance, with benignant mind." The ancestral gods of a state were those which were traditionally honoured before all others.

Goddess of marriage, charming to the sight, mother of the Erotes (Loves), whom banquetings delight; source of Peitho (Persuasion), secret, favouring queen, illustrious born, apparent and unseen; spousal Lukaina, and to men inclined, prolific, most-desired, life-giving, kind. The first men who gave names [to the gods] were no ordinary persons, but high thinkers and great talkers . Amor, the Greek Eros] and, to enjoy more liberty, as given to passion the title of an unreal divinity.

he is often conquered by desire]." "About the posts and pillows of her [Aphrodite's] couch swarm a troop of tender Amores [Erotes, Loves], begging her make sign where she bids them bear her torches, what hearts they shall transfix; whether to wreak their cruelty on land or sea, to set gods at variance or yet once more to vex the Thunderer [Zeus]." "'Tis base and sin-mad lust that has made love into a god [ie.

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there is nothing among the blessed gods or among mortal men [except for Athena, Artemis and Hestia] that has escaped Aphrodite." "Men though that you had come with a gift from golden Kyprogeneia [Aphrodite]. So all men, as they pass, mastered by desire, shoot an alluring arrow of the eye at the delicate beauty of virgins." "Kypris [Aphrodite], the goddess of desire, had done her sweet work in their hearts [and mated the visiting Argonauts with the widowed women of Lemnos]. The whole city [of Lemnos] was alive with dance and banquet. 'Tis love-mad souls that have adopted these vain conceits and have feigned Venus' [Aphrodite's] divinity and a god's archery." "[Theseus believing his son Hippolytos has raped his wife complains :] ‘This, truly, is the madness of that warlike race [the Amazones], to contemn Venus; [Aphrodite's] laws and to prostitute the long-chaste body to the crowd. For marriage ordained by fate for a man and a woman is greater than an oath and guarded by Dike (Justice)." "May pure Artemis look upon this band [of unwed maidens] in compassion, and may marriage never come through Kythereia's [Aphrodite] compulsion . And in the train of their mother are Pothos (Desire) and she to whom nothing is denied, winning Peitho (Persuasion); and to Harmonia (Harmony) has been given a share of Aphrodite, and to the whispering touches of the Erotes (Loves)." "[In Sparta is an image of Aphrodite] with fetters on her feet. It is a tradition among us that it was dedicated by Pelops when he was propitiating the goddess and asking for Hippodameia to be his bride." :] May the high gods who rule over heaven, and thy who rule the sea, with gracious divinity attend on our princes' marriage, amid the people's solemn applause.

You see there is both a serious and a facetious account of the form of the name of these deities . For, when you just simply hear her name, she is only one thing, but surely she takes on all sorts of shapes which are even, in a way, unlike each other." "Sokrates : The divine madness was subdivided into four kinds, prophetic, initiatory, poetic, erotic, having four gods presiding over them . On the mainland opposite the island is a sanctuary of Aphrodite Migonitis (Sexual Union)." "Apollonios [pagan prophet C1st A.

As for Aphrodite, we need not oppose Hesiod; we can accept his derivation of the name from her birth out of the foam ( "Sokrates: Let us begin with the very goddess who Philebos says is spoken of as Aphrodite but is most truly named Hedone (pleasure) . And now I call Aphrodite by that name which is agreeable to her; but pleasure I know has various aspects, and since, as I said, we are to begin with her, we must consider and examine what her nature is. For Harmonia knew of many crimes already perpetrated not only among foreigners but even by Greeks, similar to those attributed later by legend to the mother of Adonis [who committed incest with her father], to Phaidra, the daughter of Minos [who lusted after her son-in-law], and to the Thrakian Tereus [who raped his sister-in-law]." "The island Kranai [off the coast of Lakedaimonia] : Homer says that when Alexandros [Paris of Troy] had carried off Helene he had intercourse with her there for the first time.

My awe in respect to the names of the gods is always beyond the greatest human fear. In the description of the last kind of madness, which was also said to be the best." "The surname Machanitis (Deviser) given to the goddess [Aphrodite] is, in my opinion, a most apt one; for very many are the devices, and most varied are the forms of speech [words of seduction] invented by men because of Aphrodite and her works." "Harmonia [daughter of Aphrodite] gave to Aphrodite the surname of Ourania (Heavenly) to signify a love pure and free from bodily lust; that of Pandemos (Common), to denote sexual intercourse; the third, that of Apostrophia (Rejecter), that mankind might reject unlawful passion and sinful acts.

Women, men, teenagers and children can all be victims of serious sexual assault and rape.

Victims may not want the police to be involved and while we would encourage people to report sexual assault or rape, you can self-refer to the Oasis @ Rivergate, based in Peterborough, to get the help and support you need.