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Define liquidating

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As an individual, you can liquidate stock by selling it in your portfolio.If a company files a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, the company essentially vanishes from existence.What liquidate means in Hindi, liquidate meaning in Hindi, liquidate definition, examples and pronunciation of liquidate in Hindi language."Stock liquidation" can have a number of different meanings -- but the common theme is that the stock is sold in exchange for money.For a more detailed explanation of a Members Voluntary Liquidation click here Creditors Voluntary Liquidation – where a company can no longer meet it’s debts as they fall due i.e. For a more detailed explanation of a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation click here Court Liquidation – where a company, through either it’s directors or creditors, makes an application through the courts to have a Liquidator appointed specialise in providing experienced Liquidators for Members Voluntary Liquidations and Creditors Voluntary Liquidations.To discuss your requirements and how our services work in more detail please call our confidential advice line or request a call back above.

At the time of your initial purchase, you must meet the initial maintenance requirement of 50 percent equity, meaning if you buy ,000 in stock you must put up at least ,000 yourself.

Stock shares trade down sharply in value until they are ultimately "delisted" and removed from the stock exchange.

Corporate stock in a liquidation bankruptcy is ultimately worthless, since it represents ownership in a company with no assets that no longer functions as a going concern.

Corporate stock as a whole can be liquidated if a company files bankruptcy, or if a company is bought out or taken over.

If you buy stocks on margin, your firm can liquidate your stocks if the equity in your account falls too much.