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Near Edfu the valley widens out and becomes wider still in the neighbourhood of Esneh (Latopolis). Such is the case for the first two dynasties, which until about 1888 A. were considered by most scholars as entirely mythical.

At Luxor (part of Thebæ) it again narrows for a few miles, but after that it maintains a respectable breadth, averaging between twelve and fifteen miles. Their tombs, however, have since been discovered at Ûmm-el-Ga'âb, near Abydos, in the territory of the ancient This (Thinis), and the names of Menes, Zer, Usaphais, and Miebis have already been found.

From Assuân to Edfu (about 48 miles) the banks are so high that even in the annual inundation they are above the level of high water, and consequently remain barren. Müller in the Didot edition of the second volume of "Fragmenta Historicorum Græcorum", and E. Müller in the Didot edition of Heroditus (Fragmenta chronographica, p. For the present the royal names are almost all that we can regard as certain for several of the dynasties.Near Girgeh (Abydos) begins the Bahr-Yûsef, Joseph's Canal. The various articles found in these royal tombs point to a high degree of civilization by no means inferior to that of the immediately following dynasties.It was formerly a branch of the Nile; it runs parallel to the main stream at a distance of from 5 to 6 miles along the left bank, and empties into the Fayûm (home of Arsinoe). Religion in general, and the funerary rites in particular, were already fixed, and the hieroglyphic system of writing had reached its last stage of alphabetic development (Maspéro, loc.One hundred ten miles above Memphis the Libyan mountains bend to the northwest, and then, facing north-east, they draw nearer against to the Nile, thus surrounding a large extent of territory, which of old was know as Te-She, or Lakeland, from the great inland lake frequently mentioned and described by the Greek Moeris. cit.; Breasted, "History of Ancient Egyptians", 40 sqq.).It is still called Fayûm, from the Coptic ", "the sea". The history of Egypt can be divided into two large periods, the first of which comprises the first seventeen and the second the other thirteen dynasties.On the east it is fringed with craggy cliffs overhanging the valley, while its outward border, running aslant to the northwest, offers here and there deep bays in which lie the oases of Khârgeh and Dâkhleh (Great Oasis), Farâfreh (Tringtheos Oasis), and Siweh (Jupiter Ammon). Menes, before the union of the two kingdoms, very likely resided at This, in his native nome of Abydos, in Upper Egypt.