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Oregon constitution generally prohibits the state from extending credit or incurring debt.

Measure requires the legislature to create dedicated fund for exclusive benefit of Oregon students pursuing post-secondary education, including technical, professional and career training.

The driver card may not be used as identification for air travel, to enter a federal building, to register to vote or to obtain any government benefit requiring proof of citizenship or lawful presence in United States. FINANCIAL IMPACT: This measure will require the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to issue an Oregon Driver Card to an applicant without requiring the applicant to provide proof of legal presence in the Untied States, if that individual complies with all the requirements for the driving privileges to be sought; provides proof of identity and date of birth; (3) provides proof of residing in Oregon in excess of one year as of the date of the application; (4) provides a Social Security number (SSN) assigned to that individual by the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) or provides a written statement that the individual has not been assigned a SSN; and (5) pays any fees associated with the type of driver card being sought.

The cost to provide these cards is estimated at ,794,802 in the 2013-15 biennium and ,677,144 in the 2015-17 biennium, but revenues are expected to be sufficient to offset these costs to ODOT.

Measure provides that nothing in section 46 "shall diminish a right otherwise available to persons under section 20 of this Article or any other provision of this Constitution." FINANCIAL IMPACT: There is no financial effect on either state or local government expenditures or revenues.

Proposed By Initiative Petition Measure 90 - Changes general election nomination processes: provides for single primary ballot listing candidates; top two advance RESULT OF YES: "Yes" vote replaces general election nomination processes for most partisan offices; all candidates listed on one single primary ballot; two advance to general election ballot.

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Generated earnings must be retained by fund, unless used to provide financial assistance to Oregon student pursuing post-secondary education.

SUMMARY: Current law requires any applicant for an Oregon driver license or permit to provide proof of legal presence in the United States.

Measure directs the Department of Transportation to issue a "driver card" to an applicant who does not provide proof of legal presence in the United States, but who has otherwise complied with all Oregon requirements for the type of driving privileges sought, has provided proof of residence in Oregon for more than one year, and has provided proof of identity and date of birth.

The Oregon Supreme Court has held that that provision prohibits laws treating people differently based on sex unless justified by specific biological differences.

No current provision in constitution expressly states that prohibition.